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In this thread you can check out all the new anс sets:

В этой теме вы можете ознакомится со всеми новыми анц сетами :


Screenshot_2.png  Screenshot_3.png Screenshot_6.png Screenshot_22.png 

Full set - 5 Basic Item

BK :

Screenshot_8.png Screenshot_9.png Screenshot_10.png Screenshot_23.png 

Full set - 5 Basic Item


Screenshot_11.png Screenshot_12.png Screenshot_13.png Screenshot_24.png 

Full set - 5 Basic Item

MG :

Screenshot_14.png Screenshot_15.png Screenshot_16.png Screenshot_25.png

 Full set - 4 Basic Item + 1 Accesories (Mayhem Ring / Loki Pendant / Virtus Pendant)

Determination Dark Angels Magic  - 4 Basic Item Full set

DL :

Screenshot_17.png Screenshot_18.png Screenshot_19.pngScreenshot_26.png 

Full set - 5 Basic Item

Summ :


Full set - 5 Basic Item

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